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Added : 25th September 2011
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Download Crocs Logo Wallpapers – When Crocs by the U.S. companies are Crocs Inc. marketed colorful plastic shoes called. A salient feature of the Crocs are the bright colors. In addition to light green, red, yellow and turquoise, but there are also more subtle colors. Up to 26 colors are available for the main models.

crocs logo

The shoe material is called PCCR (proprietary closed-cell resin), is water resistant and nonporous, so bacteria and fungi do not set so easily, what the shoes not so hygienic and odor-prone as other makes of plastic shoes. In addition, the foam resin to fit the foot shape when heated. Due to the foamed material and the weight of the shoe is lighter, the classic Crocs weigh about 170 g. According to a test of the magazine Oeko-Test included a test pair of shoes and dibutyltin PAHs and therefore “potentially hazardous substances” . Crocs, Inc. responded with a reference to the investigations including the TÜV Rheinland, keep the concentration occurring for non-hazardous

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