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Download Converse Logo Wallpapers – Founded in 1908, Converse is an American sports equipment provider headquartered in Massachusetts, who founded the sports goods manufacturer Nike today gehört.Marquis M. Converse in 1908 in Malden, Massachusetts, the Converse Rubber Shoe Company, produced the first winter footwear. Later, shoes made of canvas were included in the production line. In the year 1917 brought the Converse Converse All Star basketball shoe on the market. With this shoe, the typical squeaking came into the game.

converse logo

In 1923, the Converse All Star athletic shoe got to be rubber badge Chuck Taylor’s signature, making the innovative spirit of the basketball legend Taylor should be honored. Therefore, this shoe model in many places is also titled as “Chuck’s”. Converse 1923 also designed the shoes for the New York Renaissance basketball team. Jack Purcell, a famous badminton star, drafted in 1935 a new competition shoe for the badminton game.

To support the war effort, developed in 1942 primarily Converse boots flying the A6 Flying Boat. The Oxford, a lower version of the Converse All Star, was developed in 1966, and only eight years later, in 1974, came the Converse One Star, a low competitive basketball shoe on the market.

At the Olympic Games in 1984 Converse was one of the official sponsors. Already since 1936 the players wore in every Olympic basketball medal game shoes from Converse. The weapon came in 1986 on the market. With this new shoe, and the campaign “Choose Your Weapon” Converse introduced the competition in the 1980s. A descendant of the famous All Star, All Star in 2000, the patch is made of leather, from Converse in 1996 and brought to market immediately after the launch one million copies. 2003 bought the sports brand Nike to Converse for about 305 million dollars. From Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, one of the most successful shoes this time, were sold to over 600 million pairs.

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