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Added : 2nd October 2011
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Description About Cleveland Cavaliers Logo

Download Cleveland Cavaliers Logo Wallpapers – The Cleveland Cavaliers are a team of North American basketball professional league NBA . Their home games wearing the team in the Quicken Loans Arena (aka “The Q”) in Cleveland , Ohio from. The home jersey is white, the away jerseys red and dark blue.The Cavaliers were unsuccessful so far in the 2003 NBA Draft the small forward LeBron James are committed. He took over from the first games on a big responsibility and became an instant franchise player the Cavaliers.

cleveland cavaliers logo

In the summer 2005 were strengthened by the Cavaliers Larry Hughes of the Washington Wizards . In the 2004 season he was often injured, but led the league in steals. There was also still small forward Donyell Marshall out for Cleveland. In spring 2005, the Cavaliers still have failed on the final day with a record of 42-40 in the playoff participation. LeBron James, the star of the team, played one of the best seasons, the ever created a player in the post-Jordan era in the NBA. With 27 points, 7 rebounds and more than 7 assists, on average, he reached for a “Sophomore”, very good values.

In the 2006/07 season was the “Cavs” – particularly because of a superior LeBron James – reach the “Eastern Conference Championship,” and thus the NBA Finals, but the against the San Antonio Spurs to their superstar and Finals MVP Tony Parker clearly lost with 0-4 games. 2007/08 then they parted in the Conference semi-final against the Boston Celtics made ​​with 3-4 victories.
For the 2008/09 season were intensified with the Cavaliers point guard Maurice Williams, the first for the Milwaukee Bucks played and recorded the best season in the league. Although the Cavs reached the Eastern Conference Finals, but there were subject to the Orlando Magic Dwight Howard . This led the Cavaliers to strengthen themselves at the center position, what with veteran Shaquille O’Neal was done for a year. Although they drove back the most wins of any team in the NBA, they were eliminated from the playoffs in the quarter-finals against the Boston Celtics.

After leaving the NBA’s 2009-10 season LeBron James , the Cavaliers to join forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh with the Miami Heat to play.  The Cavaliers coach Mike Brown sacked along with his assistant coaches. After one month on the search, the Cavaliers committed former Coach of the Year Byron Scott as the new Head Coach. Scott would give the Cavaliers a new identity on the field, since the tactic was previously built around LeBron James and have been since his move to Miami was no longer possible. This conversion was successful, however, and the Cavaliers lost the first 44 of its 52 games in the 2010/11 season. On 7 February 2011 they defeated the Dallas Mavericks and presented with the 25th Defeat in a row, the longest losing streak in NBA history to. Two days later they had to the Detroit Pistons defeated and thus represented the longest losing streak in the history of the four American professional sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL), a .

With the NBA Draft Lottery 2011-the first and fourth pick of the Cavaliers were randomly assigned. Pick the first one received during the season along with Baron Davis of the Los Angeles Clippers , was the fourth pick of their own. At the 2011 NBA Draft , the Cavaliers with the first pick drafteten Kyrie Irving and with the fourth pick Tristan Thompson . Both players are considered greatest hope since the departure of LeBron James to Miami.

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