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Added : 7th September 2011
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Download Cisco WebEx Logo Wallpapers – WebEx Communications Inc.. is an American company offering video conferencing software and web conferencing on demand. In 2011, it is owned by Cisco. It markets including Meeting Center, Training Center, Event Center, Support Center, Sales Center, WebEx WebOffice and WebEx Connect. WebEx was founded in 1975 by Subrah Iyar and Min Zhu .. In 2005, Cisco announced its intention to acquire for USD 3.2 billion. The acquisition is effective in early 2007.

cisco webex logo

By extension, the term “webex” means the web conference itself. To optimize bandwidth, the principle is to transfer only the changed portions of the screen images, and this with a proprietary compression protocol called UCF (Universal Communications Format) format that handles audio, video, PowerPoint, QuickTime and Adobe Flash.

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