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Added : 18th August 2011
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Download Cinnabon Logo Wallpapers – Cinnabon is a chain of American baked goods company owned by FOCUS Brands, Inc., with 340,000 employees. The core business is the manufacture and sales of cinnamon buns and coffee beans. The pastries are always produced locally. The company was founded on 4 Founded in Seattle in December 1984. The first branch was established in August 1986 in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania). Meanwhile, there are 600 stores worldwide in the franchising system. In Germany there are the following branches: airfield heritage home in Wiesbaden, Hanau, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Ramstein Air Base, Spangdahlem and Wiesbaden. In Austria there is a branch of the Danube in Vienna and in the center of the Shopping City Süd in Vösendorf. Most bakeries are located in shopping centers.

cinnabon logo

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