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Added : 25th September 2011
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Description About Christian Dior Logo

Download Christian Dior Logo Wallpapers – The Christian Dior SA is one of Christian Dior in 1946 founded the French luxury goods manufacturer based in Paris . The House of Dior is the latest since the late 1990s, partly due to massive advertising campaigns, back to top ranks of international luxury goods manufacturer. In the fashion category for women, there is the haute couture collection, and the assembly line. For men is the Dior Homme line offered. As with all major fashion houses now, the business share of licensing revenues for fragrances, leather goods, eyeglasses, and others accessories economically crucial. Under the brand name of Dior since 1947 have created over 40 ladies perfumes, such as Miss Dior (1947), Poison (1985), Dolce Vita (1995), J’adore (1999) and Midnight Poison (2007). In addition, since 1966, men’s fragrances are available. These include: Eau Sauvage (1966), Fahrenheit (1988), Dune (1988), Dior Homme (2005) and Dior Homme Sport (2008). Under the designer Victoire de Castellane in 1999 in the category ‘Fine Jewelry’ jewelry introduced by Dior. Dior was the fashion among other things, Evita Peron , Jackie Kennedy , and after Christian Dior’s death of Princess Diana supported and many other personalities.

christian dior logo

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