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Added : 24th September 2011
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Download China Southern Airlines Logo Wallpapers – China Southern Airlines ┬áis the largest airline of the People’s Republic of China based in Guangzhou and a member of the airline alliance SkyTeam .China Southern Airlines was born in 1989 after the reorganization of the Chinese aviation. The airline is based in Guangzhou since the foundation of modern Western aircraft. So come since 1990, 737, 757 and 767 are used. Since 1995, the new Boeing 777 will fly the routes of the China Southern Airlines.

china southern logo

Chinese economic policy in general, more and more to advance in the high technology areas and to assign less work to foreign countries, China Southern also participate. Thus in 2002 a 50:50 – joint-venture with Germany’s MTU Aero Engines , opened with the aim of the engines of the aircraft to pass the China Southern fleet in China. With Zhuhai chose a strategic location, on the one hand in a free trade zone with special government support, the other with close proximity to Hong Kong , a key turning point in Asian air traffic. Meanwhile, there also aggregates the aircraft being overtaken by other companies to achieve the medium term with the aim of the leadership here in China. In autumn 2006, the maintenance of the CFM56-3/-5/-7 , and the V2500 offered. There are now all Chinese airlines with V2500 engines from this joint venture is.

On 15 November 2007 saw the inclusion in the international airline alliance SkyTeam . On 4 July 2008 landed a machine of China Southern Airlines in Taoyuan , and thus opened the first direct link between mainland China and Taiwan .
Southern China was 66.3 million passengers in 2009, the largest airline in Asia.

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