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Added : 10th October 2011
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Download Chicago Bears Logo Wallpapers – The Chicago Bears (formerly Decatur Staley and Staley Chicago ) are in a Chicago -based American football team, in the National Football League play (NFL). The Bears play there in the National Football Conference (NFC) in the Northern Division .

chicago bears logo

The rivalry between the Bears and the Packers is one of the largest in pro football. Both teams have a total of 21 NFL titles (including four since the introduction of the Super Bowl in 1967) won. 48 former players of both teams are in the Hall of Fame. The rivalry has existed since 1921 and is now the oldest rivalry in North American professional league with 180 meeting. Since both in the same division (NFC North) play, they meet each other twice each season. Chicago leads in the rivalry with 92 wins, 82 defeats and six draws.

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