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Download Charlotte Bobcats Logo Wallpapers – The Charlotte Bobcats are a US-American basketball team in the professional league NBA , in which they appear in the 2004/05 season playing for the first time. The team is based in Charlotte , North Carolina . The team plays in the Southeast Division , together with the team Miami Heat , Orlando Magic , Atlanta Hawks and Washington Wizards . The team colors are orange, blue and silver. The logo represents an retained in orange bobcat dar. Basketball legend Michael Jordan is co-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.

charlotte bobcats logo

As the Charlotte Hornets in 2002 Charlotte and left in New Orleans than New Orleans Hornets settled, the city promised to the NBA as soon as possible to get a new NBA team. 2004, were Bobcats as expansion team added to the NBA, and the TV millionaire Robert “Bob” Johnson was the first owner of the franchise. The name “Bobcats” (dt: bobcat) was taken because the bobcat is typical for North Carolina and Bob Johnson was able to bring part of his first name. Was the first coach Bernie Bickerstaff . In the first expansion draft , they secured the services of center Emeka Okafor and committed small forward Gerald Wallace . The Bobcats experienced a difficult season, as expected, winning only 18 of the 82 games this season, the defensively strong but Okafor is NBA Rookie of the Year , Wallace and soon established himself as a captain. In the second season 2005/06 was point guard Raymond Felton and power forward Sean May drafted, both from North Carolina. But because both May and soon suffered many injuries Okafor and Felton never out of the shadow of the future All-Star and Olympic gold medalist Chris Paul and Deron Williams came, which were drafted directly in front of him, the Bobcats won only 26 games.

In the summer of 2006, the native of North Carolina, NBA legend Michael Jordan, co-owner and manager of the team. College star Adam Morrison was taken in the draft, but the small forward tore the Achilles tendon, and then he never attained the expected form. The Bobcats won 33 games and missed the playoffs again. After Coach Bickerstaff dismissed for failure and Sam Vincent was replaced, was for the 2007 / 8 season the shooting guard and multiple NBA Slam Dunk Contest winner Jason Richardson traded to Charlotte. Richardson could never build on the high expectations, and the Bobcats won 32 games. After Vincent was fired, took over veteran coach and former NBA champion Larry Brown the job. The draft was the point guard DJ Augustin committed, and Richardson was varied for the two wing players Boris Diaw and Raja Bell traded. Under Brown, the Bobcats finally playing around with the playoffs. Augustine was the first draft pick for some time, fulfilling the expectations, the team narrowly missed the playoffs.
In 2009/10, the injury-prone Okafor for the experienced was Tyson Chandler , swapped, and led by Captain Wallace, who established himself as one of the defensive and rebound the strongest wing players in the league, and the neuverpflichteten Swingman Stephen Jackson won the Bobcats 44 of its 82 games and qualified in seventh place in the Eastern Conference for the first time for the playoffs. They allowed only 93.8 per game to opposing points of what was league record. Gerald Wallace went on 14 February 2010 in Dallas as the first all-star of the franchise in history. In about 16 minutes of play he could with 2 points and 3 rebounds and immediately enter into the statistics sheet. In the playoffs, the Bobcats were the Orlando Magic defeated 0-4.

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