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Added : 7th September 2011
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Description About Captain America Logo

Download Captain America Logo Wallpapers – Captain America is an American comic book character, a superhero who wears a costume in the colors of the flag of the United States. It was created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon for the publisher Timely Comics, a predecessor of today’s publishing company Marvel Comics. Captain America first appeared in 1941 in Issue 1 of the comic book series Captain America comics. That made the wartime propaganda created Captain America comic stories often against Nazis, saboteurs and other symbolic representations take the former wartime enemies. In later years the story with Captain America, many authors have been used for social criticism, but the reception is difficult, especially in Germany. Over the years, characters with different names appeared in the costume of Captain America. The original and best known figure wears – as alter ego – the name of Steve Rogers.

captain america logo

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