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Added : 2nd September 2011
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Download Calvin Klein Logo Wallpapers – After he had spent five years in other fashion houses in Manhattan, in 1968 he founded his own company, which initially produced coats and dresses. The company quickly became known for his simple, purist, timeless and modern fashion with clear lines in subtly-colored fabrics. The brand name was used, increasingly, other products. Wear it as perfume since the 1970s (now made ​​by Coty Inc.), since the 1990’s watches (licensed to the Swatch Group) and sunglasses. In the 1980s, Calvin Klein, with his denim and related apparel, sometimes daring, ad campaigns of – for the others Brooke Shields as a teenager posing as a model – famous. In the early 1990s graced Mark Wahlberg a major advertising campaign for Calvin Klein underwear.

calvin klein logo
2002 Klein sold his company for 430 million dollars to the Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, an American shirt manufacturer, since 2003 and is not responsible for the design of the fashion collections. The Calvin Klein company is now estimated to total assets of 34.7 billion dollars, making it the richest company in the fashion world.

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