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Download Burberry Logo Wallpapers -Burberry is an internationally known British clothing brand in the top Preissegment.Im 1856 Thomas Burberry opened in Basingstoke, Hampshire, his first textile business. He led the 1880, he invented gabardine fabric, a very robust, waterproof and breathable (cotton) goods in twill weave, in which the yarn is impregnated before weaving. Gabardine was patented 1888. In 1891, opened at the shopping street Haymarket near Piccadilly Circus in London business Burberrys served until 2007 as the flagship store and headquarters of the company and then sold. In 1901, created Burberry its logo, a medieval knight (Equestrian Knight) a tournament armor on a rearing horse, a lance flag with the inscription PRORSUM (Latin for ‘forward’, by reference to Burberry’s innovative fabrics and cuts) to pay .

burberry logo

The first retail store in Paris was opened in 1910, 1915 were first shipped product to Japan. As early as 1920 Burberry was listed on the London Stock Exchange. In 1924, the famous plaid, the Burberry check (or check the Haymarket and the subsequent variations Nova Check, check and Mega House Check), which initially served only as a sample of the lining material and was later registered as a trademark, used for the first time.  Burberry became famous with the development of trench coats, which he designed on behalf of the British military administration, and in the First World War as an officer of the British Army Clothing enjoyed great popularity. Even in the Antarctic expeditions of Robert Falcon Scott, Ernest Shackleton and Roald Amundsen in the 1910s Burberry jackets were used. The house Burberry is a British royal since 1955, purveyor of Elizabeth II and Prince of Wales since 1989.

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