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Added : 9th September 2011
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Download Bulgari Logo Wallpapers – Bulgari (own notation: BVLGARI) was founded in 1884 is an Italian manufacturer of luxury items such as jewelry, watches, perfume, handbags and accessories with headquarters in Rome. The company was founded in 1884 by the Greek Sotirios Voulgaris (* 1857, † 1932) founded in Rome. The Bulgari name is based on a change of the Greek family name Voulgaris (Greek Βούλγαρης, Bulgarian, German) from the site Paramythia. The Sotirios of 1905 in the Via dei Condotti in Rome, opened the first Bulgari store company still serves as a flagship store. After the death of his father led his sons Giorgio and Constantino Bulgari, the company and placed the emphasis on gems and jewelry. In the 1970s the product range has expanded and is expanding internationally. In 1984, Bulgari over to the third generation of the family. Since 1995, the family is listed.

bulgari logo

On 7 March 2011 the French company LVMH announced the acquisition of a share exchange by Bulgari. Consequently, the family exchanged their Bulgari Bulgari 152.5 million shares in 16.5 million shares of LVMH. As a result, LVMH also announced an offer to the minority shareholders in the amount of 12.25 € for each share.

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