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Added : 30th August 2011
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Download Bluetooth Logo Wallpapers – Bluetooth (English pronunciation blu ː tu ː θ) is one in the 1990s by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) developed industry standard IEEE 802.15.1 for data transfer between devices over short distances via radio technology (WPAN). This connectionless and connection-prone transmissions from point to point, and so-called ad-hoc or piconets are possible.

bluetooth logo

The pilots (English wireless technology) Bluetooth was originally developed in significant part by the Dutch and the Swedes, Professor Jaap Haartsen Dr. Sven Mattisson for Ericsson. Other parts were added primarily by Nokia and Intel. Bluetooth is the interface through which small mobile devices such as mobile phones and PDAs, computers and peripherals can communicate with each other. The main purpose of Bluetooth is to replace cable connections between devices.

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