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Added : 5th August 2011
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Description About Bing Logo

Bing Logo Wallpapers – Bing is an Internet search engine from Microsoft, which has replaced the previous search engine Live Search complete. It was in June 2009 genommen.Microsoft operating its search engine called “decision engine” and emphasized, Bing was to “help the user not only provide the desired information more quickly, but also in daily decision-making around themes such as shopping or travel planning.”

Bing Logo

The home page is designed very straightforward and clear, however, with a daily changing upgraded photo as wallpaper. So far, showed Bing picturesque landscapes holiday at the seaside or in the mountains, spectacular architectural photographs or endangered animal species like the polar bear. 2010 tried the Google search engine with the attractive design of photographic Bing catch up, but reached only an irritation to their users and therefore this action broke prematurely.

Bing offers the possibility of his search in the categories of images, videos, news and maps can be. Shopping Under the item is included in the Germany portal ciao.¬†Currently, the U.S. version of Bing, the most advanced features that other country’s versions are far less developed.¬†From May 2011 through Germany camera drive cars that are preparing a geodata service from streetside named Bing, who will start in summer 2011 in Germany. Microsoft released the schedule of the Web Photo vehicles and clarifies homeowners, renters and business owners about his actions and his efforts on data protection.

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