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Added : 21st August 2011
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Download Bic Logo Wallpapers – BIC is a publicly traded French company (WKN: 860 804 and ISIN: FR0000120966) and the world’s largest manufacturer of ball point pens (since 1950), disposable lighters and disposable razors (since 1976). Since July 2008, disposable cell phones are offered. BIC was founded by Baron Marcel Bich in Paris. Also known as the daughter company Tipp-Ex, whose so-called White to correct is used by paper journals. For the BIC Group is also the company BIC Sport, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of surfboards under the brand names BIC and Tabou.

bic logo

In Italy, Greece, Luxembourg and the word ‘Bic’ generic name for a (disposable) become pen. The BIC disposable lighters are recognizable by their typical oval shape that has not changed since the introduction 1973rd 1985 came to the BIC Mini, more models later. Because of the widespread use of BIC lighters various shells and the like are available which are adapted to their shape. The classic BIC lighter of 1972 and the transparent hexagonal BIC disposable ballpoint pen from 1950 are in the collection of New York Museum of Modern Art (Department of Architecture and Design). BIC is the shortened form of the name of the founder, Bich, as its name in the pronunciation of the English word “bitch” (bitch) to be similar and thus was not used internationally.

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