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Added : 3rd July 2011
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Bertone Logo Wallpaper – The Italian company Bertone, founded as Carrozzeria Bertone, is a manufacturer and designer of car bodies and models of various car brands. Bertone has worked in its history for many famous companies in the automotive industry (including Fiat, Lamborghini, Citroen, Alfa Romeo, Volvo, Fiat, Opel, BMW, etc..). The Carrozzeria Bertone was the wheelwright Giovanni Bertone (1884-1972) founded in 1912. However, it took until 1921 before the body shop got its first contract to build the body for SPA for the torpedo model based on a SPA 23S. In the automotive manufacturing began to develop an increasingly industrial production, and the methods of body construction had to adapt to this development. The wooden bodies were now connected with the use of assembly-line techniques with the iron chassis. In addition, the bodies had to be in accordance with the increasing speed of vehicles increased considerably. As a result, a number of Bertone designed hardtop roof-like structures to make cars like Vincenzo Lancia Lambda more robust and more reliable sedans.

bertone logo wallpaper

bertone logo

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