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Added : 28th July 2011
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BenQ Corporation is a provider of high-tech products from Taiwan, is one of the fastest developing companies in Asia and with over 2,300 employees, operates globally.┬áThe company was founded in April 1984 as a subsidiary of Multitech computer manufacturer (Acer later) and was originally called Acer Peripherals. BenQ is the name given in 2001 to emphasize the company’s motto stronger: “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life” (English for “pleasure and quality to life”).

benq logo

The range of BenQ includes LCD TVs and monitors, video projectors, scanners, notebooks, CD-ROM and DVD drives, CD-RW and DVD + RW burner, image processing storage media, computer accessories such as computer mice and keyboards, systems, digital cameras, and solutions for mobile communications and broadband technology. Through the acquisition of Mobile Devices of Siemens AG, another focus in the range of mobile phones (cell phones). The combination of such components for both the professional and for private use is, according to BenQ in the future of consumer electronics are.

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