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Added : 24th September 2011
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Download Banana Republic Logo Wallpapers – As a banana republic countries are referred to, in which corruption and bribery or generally prevailing despotism or where these properties are attributed. Initially, only refers to those countries so that only or mainly bananas exported or produced. The term is primarily on the Central American countries like Honduras , Nicaragua or Panama back, their politics and state affairs for decades by the influence of large Südfruchtexporteure United Fruit Company ( Chiquita ) [1] and Standard Fruit Company was determined (Dole). The economic power of U.S. companies was far greater than the political power of governments or even the population of these countries. An early American public relations consultant, Edward L. Bernays , was among others responsible for public relations of United Fruit .

banana republic logo

The term Banana Republic is probably the American writer O. Henry (real name William Sydney Porter) back. In 1904 published a novel , Cabbages and Kings , it is said, probably alluding to Honduras: “At that time we had a treaty with about every foreign country except Belgium and that banana republic, Anchuria.” Banana Republic is now pejorative for countries (mostly the so-called Third World ) are used, where by significant influence of foreign companies corruption , crime , mafia-like activities, nepotism , personal enrichment at public expense and dubious elections were funded. In 1984 the word banana republic in Germany was the word of the year nominated.

In general, today the term banana republic, but also brought a fuzzy term Fight against states in position, their political culture of corruption and arbitrariness is placed in context. Therefore, this term is pejorative in political debates and polemics over industrialized countries such as Switzerland , Germany (with the backronym “FRG” for B, Anane R EPUBLIC D erm), France , Austria or Italy used when similar practices (which partially obscured or glossed over) are subordinate to or denounced.

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