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Download Australian National University Logo Wallpapers – The Australian National University (ANU) is a public university in the Australian capital Canberra. She is one of the leading universities in the country and was completed by The Times Higher Education Supplement placed in 2007 at number 16 of the 200 world’s best universities. In addition, she belongs to the Group of Eight, the Higher Education Network of Australia’s leading universities.

australian national university logo

The University is a leader in research and serves on the University network International Alliance of Research Universities. The 1.4 square kilometer campus is located in the suburb of Acton, west of the city center. Field offices are located in Kioloa (on the coast of New South Wales) and Darwin (Northern Territory). The ANU also has two observatories, the Mount Stromlo Observatory near Canberra and Siding Spring Observatory in Coonabarabran, New South Wales. In 2006 the ANU counted 13,000 students, with approximately 4,500 students graduate.

The ANU was founded in 1946 by the Australian Government as the only university that is focused only on post-graduate research. 1960, it became possible through the merger with the Canberra University College, that people can study without prior academic degree at the ANU. The university is still divided into two parts, the Institute of Advanced Studies, which focuses on research and postgraduate courses, and the faculties, which offer both first degree as well as events for postgraduates. In addition, includes other centers and training institutions in ANU.

The Australian National University is the only Australian university to its constitution and organizational structure have been dictated by a decision of the Federal Parliament and all the other parliaments of the states or territories were created. The University is led by a 15-member board.

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