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Added : 3rd July 2011
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Audi AG, with headquarters in Ingolstadt in Bavaria is a German automobile manufacturer, who belongs to the Volkswagen Group. The brand name is a pun on the name to circumvent the rights of the former motor vehicle manufacturer Horch. Company founder August Horch, the A. Horch & Cie. Had abandoned motor vehicles Zwickau after disagreements with the chief financial officer, sought a company name (company) for his new company and found him in proposing a Zwickauer high school students, the Horch translated into Latin. Audi is the imperative singular of audire (to hear German, ) listen and means “Listen!” or just “listening”. On 25 April 1910, the Audi car factories in Zwickau GmbH in the commercial register of the city of Zwickau has been registered. 1928 DKW took over the Audi works. Both companies were part of the 1932 Auto Union.

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