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Download Atlanta Hawks Logo Wallpapers – The Atlanta Hawks are one in Atlanta ( Georgia )-based basketball team in the American professional league NBA .Founded in 1946 as the Hawks were the Tri-Cities Blackhawks in the region at that time so named Tri-Cities (now the Quad Cities ), consisting of the cities of Moline and Rock Iceland in Illinois and Davenport, Iowa . Originally the team played in the National Basketball League (NBL), but moved after the end of the NBL to the NBA in 1949 and reached there in the 1949/50 season under the leadership of Red Auerbach, the play-offs. Therefore moved Ben Kerner, the owner of the team, the team to Milwaukee , where it can from the 1951/52 season under the name Milwaukee Hawks competed. 1953 chose the Hawks at the draft with Bob Pettit Although a future winner of the MVP trophy, but were still not very successful due to the greatly increasing popularity of the new local baseball association Milwaukee Braves in Kernersville decided however to move the team again and moved the team for the 1955/56 season after St. Louis . In 1957 the team reached the finals for the first time, but the series lost with 3-4 against the Boston Celtics . In the following season, the season 1957/58, the team finally won also the only NBA title to date, after the Celtics were defeated this time.

atlanta hawks logo

In the years 1960 and 1961, the team could indeed reach the finals, but lost it again against the Celtics. 1968 Ben Kerner finally separated from the Hawks and was selling them to the then Governor of Georgia Carl Sanders on 3 May. The Hawks moved to Atlanta and then to today’s Atlanta Hawks were born. There was then practically a ‘reunion’ with the Braves, who were now also moved to Atlanta. In the first two years in Atlanta, the team reached finals in each division but they lost against the Los Angeles Lakers and missed it just the NBA Finals. In 1982 received the Hawks with Dominique Wilkins, a true superstar and were among the best teams in the league. From 1985 to 1989, she always won 50 games or more, but never got beyond the Conference Semifinals. Even in the 1990s under Star Coach Lenny Wilkens , the team achieved 50 wins or more times, but failed in the play-offs, but always in the first round.

In March 2004 the Management Board members of the Atlanta Spirit LLC. sold with the hockey team, the Atlanta Thrashers , with whom she is also still the Philips Arena to share. But the team came in and was stumbling in the 2004/05 season with 13 wins worst team in the NBA. After the squad was, however, been steadily improved the team attained in 2008 after nine years of dry spell, the play-offs. In the next two years, the team reach the Conference Semifinals and lost them both, however, with 0-4 (against Cleveland and Orlando ). In 2011 the Hawks were able to reach semi-finals. There they were defeated, however, the Chicago Bulls .

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