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Download Atlanta Falcons Logo Wallpapers – The Atlanta Falcons are an American football team from Atlanta , Georgia . The Falcons (English hawks ) are a team of National Football League (NFL) and play there in the National Football Conference (NFC) in the Southern Division . In 1965, the Atlanta Falcons were taken in the NFL. Their greatest success has been the appearance in Super Bowl XXXIII in Miami, Florida.

atlanta falcons logo

The Atlanta Falcons came into force on 30th June 1965 as the 15th Team in the National Football League one. The owner of the team was the insurance salesman Rankin M. Smith . A contest should give the team a new name. Many respondents suggested the name “Falcons” before, so this was also selected. Within 54 days, all tickets were sold out for the first season. This was due, among other things, the obligation of Norb Hecker as head coach. Norb Hecker was an assistant to the famous coach Vince Lombardi . The first 9 games the Falcons lost, until 1971 they were able to achieve more victories than defeats. In 1977, the Falcons put an NFL record for unbeaten in 14 games allowed by the regular season opponents only 129 points.

In the years following the end of the 1970s and early 1980s made ​​it the Falcons with their quarterback Steve Bartkowski and running back William Andrews 1978, 1981 and 1983 in the play-offs . The play-off games they lost all. In 1998, she arrived with 14 wins and 2 defeats so far their best record and met in Super Bowl XXXIII in Miami , Florida on the Denver Broncos . The Broncos won the game 34:19. With the Draft 2001 should Erstrundenauswahl with Michael Vick as a Starting Quarterback to begin a new era. Vick made ​​the team popular again, he was convicted in 2007 but due to financing of illegal dog fighters to two years imprisonment and suspended indefinitely by the NFL.

2007 one of the worst season in team history, was followed. The loss of their Starting quarterbacks took a lot of protests and riots in the media by itself. Undertake the new coach Bobby Petrino left the team after just three wins and ten defeats in the middle of the season and the Falcons finished the twelve defeats and four wins. 2008, Mike Smith, former defensive coordinator of the Jacksonville Jaguars, was hired a new Head Coach. In the Draft Quarterback Matt Ryan was from Boston College undertakes to replace Vick.

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