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Added : 24th September 2011
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Download Asiana Airlines Logo Wallpapers – Asiana Airlines is an airline based in Seoul, South Korea and a member of Star Alliance airline alliance. It is one of the seven 5-star airlines in the Welt.Asiana Airlines was founded in 1988 by the Kumho Asiana Group. Until 1989, Koreans were for overseas flights by the military government strictly regulated and could only be undertaken by the state monopolist Korean Air. An easing in 1988 due to the Olympic Games. Korean Air could no longer cope with the next onslaught. It allowed the conglomerate Kumho Asiana Group, the establishment of an airline called Asiana Airlines. Flight operations began on 23 December 1988 with six leased Boeing 737-400. The first international flight from Seoul to Tokyo in 1990 and 1990 could also take Asiana Airlines, the first 767 received by the manufacturer. Gradually, the fleet and the expanded international route network. 1994 came the first freight-747. For medium-and long-haul Boeing since 1996 in addition to machines used by Airbus. In March 2003, joining the airline alliance Star Alliance.

asiana airlines logo

In January 2011, Asiana ordered six Airbus A380-800 copies of the list price of 1.4 billion euros from the year 2014 and delivered on the long routes to North America and Europe are to be used.

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