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Added : 4th July 2011
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AS Roma Logo Wallpaper – The Rome Sports Association, abbreviated A.Ş. Rome, Rome, or more simply, is a football club team in Rome. It was founded July 22, 1927 and is currently campaigning in the Serie A Italian football championship.
The team is the symbol of the Capitoline she-wolf, symbol of the city of Rome, the split, which takes the colors from the banner of the city is dark purplish red (red Pompeian) edged with yellow-orange (gold or yellow ocher).

In 84 years of history has always participated, except on one occasion (in 1951-52), Serie A championships, winning 3 league titles, 9 Italian Cups (record of victories in the competition, shared with Juventus) and 2 Super Cups Italian. He finished the championship eleven times in the second and third five times, in 78 Serie A championships played 79 of the total, the Roma arrived on the podium in 24.7% of occasions. After Inter, which was present in all editions, is, along with Juventus, the team that has participated in more Serie A championships: 78 times out of 79. In Europe the best result was winning the Fairs Cup in season 1960-61.

as roma logo wallpaper

Since 2000 he is one of three companies listed Italian football. The Rome is also a member of the ECA – European Club Association, an international organization that has taken the place of the deleted G-14, and composed of the main football clubs organized in an association in order to obtain a joint protection of sports rights, legal and television in front of FIFA.

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