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Added : 4th July 2011
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Arsenal Logo Wallpaper – The Arsenal FC (officially: Arsenal Football Club) – also known as (The) Arsenal (The) Gunners or in German-speaking occasionally Arsenal – founded in 1886 is a football club from the district of Holloway, north London district of Islington. With currently 13 English championships and ten FA Cups, the club is one of the most successful English football clubs.

arsenal logo wallpaper

It was not until about 40 years after the founding Arsenal won five league titles and two FA Cups in the 1930s, his first major title. The next milestone was in the 1970/71 season winning the second English “doubles” in the 20th Century. In the past 20 years, Arsenal finally established as one of the most successful English football clubs and the two other doubles win at the beginning of the 21st Century remained the team in the league season unbeaten in 2003/04. Increasing European ambitions underlined the club in the 2005/06 season, when Arsenal reached the final of the first London club to the Champions League.

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