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Added : 10th October 2011
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Description About Arizona Cardinals Logo

Download Arizona Cardinals Logo Wallpapers – The Arizona Cardinals are an American football team of the American Professional Football League National Football League (NFL) from Glendale , Arizona . They belong together with the St. Louis Rams , the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks of the West Division in the National Football Conference (NFC) at.

arizona cardinals logo

The Cardinals are the oldest surviving American football team the United States and have now located in Tempe , Arizona .1898, which had Morgan Athletic Club, founded in Chicago. The club was called then Racine Normals , since it is in the Normal Park to the Racine Avenue had settled in Chicago. He changed the name again in Racine Cardinals after the reddish-brown color jersey was introduced. The Cardinals were doing then with the Chicago Maroons together.

The Maroons were out of Ragen’s Athletic and Benevolent Association emerged, which had been founded in the early 20th century Chicago. The sport and charity, however, criminalized, and the members were called ” Ragen’s Colts ‘notorious; leader Frank Ragen was even chief of police of Chicago. In the early 1920s ended, however, also split from members of the group, which apparently is not interested in sports and crime were to be organized and amateur athletic club team , then as a football team Chicago Maroons participate in the NFL.

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