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Added : 9th October 2011
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Download Angels & Airwaves Logo Wallpapers – Angels & Airwaves is an American rock band, especially by Tom DeLonge , the guitarist and singer of the band Blink-182 is known.After it during and after the last tour of blink-182 in Europe to disputes with the other band members came because DeLonge canceled the upcoming U.S. tour to spend more time with his family, left this finally blink-182 and founded Angels & Airwaves. In his new band musically and lyrically, he struck one entirely new ways, looking at the first album of new formation called “the best music I’ve ever done.”

angels and airwaves logo

The music direction by Angels & Airwaves band is loud statement is a mix of U2 , Box Car Racer (in the Tom DeLonge and David Kennedy also played), The Ataris , Coldplay and even blink-182. The lyrics are epic and will also raise the issue of war (“The War”). Tom described the music as follows: “The music feels like you’re going to cry but you put your fist in the air and you can conquer the world …” ( German : “The music sounds as if you are close to tears was, however, one encounters his fist in the air and can conquer the world … ” ) The band is not just about making music but also about the people to convey a message. Tom DeLonge describes his new music project as follows: “The overall message that’s clear on every AVA song is that tomorrow could be the best day of your life.” (German: “The message that can be found clearly in any Angels & Airwaves song is that tomorrow could be the best day of your life. ” ).

A few months before the issue of their debut album We Do not Need to Whisper was first published songs and music videos on the Internet, then you could listen to on a website even the entire album. Until the launch, the German fans had to wait a little longer, he was in Germany on the 30th June 2006 is set, instead of 23 May 2006, as in most other countries. The first single from the album was “The Adventure”. The accompanying video was the first time on 7 April 2006 from the Internet music channel MTV made ​​public. In April 2007, Ryan left sense because “the other goals and ideas,” the band. In its place is Matt Wachter, who previously played in 30 Seconds to Mars. From January 2007 Angels & Airwaves were back for their second album I-Empire in the studio. The album was released in Germany on 2 November 2007. On 17 June 2008 was published under the title Start the Machine a documentary about the band on DVD.

Since January 2009, the four-member band was in the studio to record their third album. On 18 June 2009, Tom DeLonge’s name for the new album known: Love . The album is available as a free download since the 14th February 2010 on the band’s website, and has been downloaded 500,000 times within 48 hours. The eponymous science-fiction film premiered at the second February 2011 at the 26th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival. He will be joined by a continuation of the studio album, Love called: Love: Part II appear. On 4/10/2011 gave Atom Willard announced his exit from the band for unknown reasons. On the upcoming album Love: Part Two , he will still be heard on drums.

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