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Added : 15th August 2011
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Download Amazon Logo Wallpapers – Amazon is a US-based social commerce mail order, the books, electronic books (e-books), CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray discs, music (MP3 downloads), video technology, electronics and photo items, software, computer and video games, kitchen and home appliances, pet supplies, sports and leisure products, toys and baby products, watches and jewelry, clothing, DIY products, automobile accessories, toiletries, food, magazines and musical instruments sold. In addition, it pursued in the years 2005 to 2008 a postal DVD rental. Via the integrated sales platforms Marketplace and z-shops can also individuals or other companies offering new and used products. Under its own brand of the Amazon Kindle is sold, a reader for electronic books.

Amazon.com logo

According to the company, Amazon as an Internet leader, the world’s largest selection of books, CDs and Videos. The name refers to the South African electricity Amazonas – the reference to the highly branched water-rich stream and should symbolize the earth with the help of many partners sought hegemony in Internet commerce.

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