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Added : 28th July 2011
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Description About Alienware Logo

Alienware is a Dell related manufacturers of PC systems, the sind.Die tailored to the needs of computer game users and their hardware requirements Alienware manufactured PCs have an unusual design that differs from normal PC cases and on visual cliches about aliens oriented (hence the name Alienware). The PC case of this company based on which the company Chieftec and hot-house Predator (Ger. “predator”).

alienware logo

The PCs are mainly because this is not commercially available separately popular housing, but there are now commercially available from similar housing, especially for Asian producers. Alienware sees itself as a quality supplier and operates a policy of high prices, usually only brand built. The high price level is installed at many customers in the criticism, because apart from the housing can be assembled at a lower price equally strong or powerful PCs. Alienware has built up by careful processing of the image of a Nobel PCs. The PCs could only be purchased through the websites of Dell and Alienware, but in December 2009, first appeared on an Alienware PC with Media Markt. In addition to high-performance gaming PCs and Media Center PCs and notebooks are made in the product range.

Since the acquisition by Dell, there are completely new chassis, one for and one for ATX microATX. This is the first time that the housing of the gaming series Aurora and Area 51 differ. Further, there among the notebooks from the 2011 model year, the chassis is not as far out of aluminum but of the lighter magnesium.

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