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Added : 8th July 2011
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Description About Air France Logo

Air France Logo – Air France (formally Société Air France [ref. Necessary]) (IATA: AF • ICAO: AFR • radio call: AIRFRANS) is the leading French airline. Its main activity on passenger, freight and maintenance and aircraft maintenance. It serves the main French airports and a large number of foreign destinations. Its main hub is located at Paris-Charles de Gaulle with which it has many operating agreements. The company is part of the privatized Air France-KLM, and is also a founding member of the SkyTeam alliance. Air France has the IATA IOSA certification.

air france logo

Air France currently uses a supplied type “Eurowhite” with a white fuselage with the name “Air France” in blue. The tail is white with a series of slanted lines blue and red. The first of these lines is a small European flag in its upper part. This livery has been in use since the late 1970s.

In 2009 the spelling of the brand has changed: font, AIRFRANCE in a single word in capital letters, “slash” red after the name. This “slash” is declined after the names of other group brands such Britair, CityJet and Régional. The new logo replaces the old in front of the fuselage. The tail is slightly changed, there are now three blue bars instead of four previously. The bars are bent at their base to reflect the shape of the new logo.

Air France A320 painted with the first delivered for 75 years the company
In the past, the Air France aircraft had their bellies bare metal, to a blue line of separation up to the cabin windows. Above this line the fuselage was white, with markings Air France and a French flag. The drift was white with two blue lines thick, tapered from the back of the tail and held at the low point forward. This comes in base, with slight variations, appears on all aircraft of Air France after the war until the late 1970s.

From its inception, Air France has adopted the logo of the hippocampus of his predecessor, Air Orient, known as the hippocampus winged as a badge. Prior to the merger with Air France-KLM, the winged seahorse was affixed to the nose of the aircraft next to the title “Air France Group.” After the merger, the Air France-KLM logo has replaced these devices on the nose, wings and the hippocampus was transferred to the engine nacelles. The acronym “AF” was also featured prominently on the flag of the company and its brands. The new livery has been officially adopted in February 2009.

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