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Added : 6th July 2011
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Description About Acer Logo

Acer Logo Wallpaper,Acer inc is a Taiwanese computer company with headquarters in Taipei. It was founded in 1976 by Stan Shih, under the name Multitech and in 1987 received its present name (after the Latin word for intense / heated / hard / sharp). Acer does not only PCs – laptops, desktops, servers – including monitors, LCD TVs, projectors and Media Center ago. Target groups of the products are Small and Medium Enterprises (SME or SOHO) and residential customers.

acer logo

Acer is active with 5,300 employees in over 100 countries in the areas of sales, marketing and services. Distribution is exclusively through business partners (so-called “indirect channel model”). So Acer’s German and European sales model in recent years has been introduced worldwide.

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